… maybe a bit of an unusual biography

I was born in Venice. At that time, music sounded from every window, from every corner, no matter how small … I enjoyed listening to these wonderful sounds but singing was what fascinated me most. My little blue „Mangiadischi“, a portable record player, was my reliable friend.

Its sound was not in HiRes but still it captivated me in such way that I just felt the desire to reproduce its tones. I often sang tirelessly one and the same song for hours, not always to the delight of those around me …

This passion made me win, a few years later, a very popular singing contest. Despite this success, I was denied a musical education by my parents … and so my life’s dream was shattered. Nevertheless I did not give up.

I bought myself a guitar, learned chords on my own and spend hours and hours sitting in my room just singing. With this guitar and four songs I managed to pass the entrance exam in an emerging gospel choir. It was not the music I liked to listen to at that time, but it wasn’t that important … I could sing! We played many concerts, were invited to well-known TV shows and every year to the famous Christmas Concert in the Vatican too. On that occasion, I was chosen as background vocals for Michael Bolton’s Italian tour. Despite all that, I knew this kind of music was not my „home“.

I moved to Vienna, I became a mother, and all my attention shifted to my daughter but music still was my refuge. And the desire to sing kept on burning inside me. I started training my voice (classical and jazz), later on I learned the basics to accompany me on the piano, attended countless seminars, workshops, came in contact with inspiring musicians who supported me in my growth as a singer. At the same time I played some concerts in different lineups.

In 2015 I began studying jazz singing at a private Conservatory. There I had the chance to meet the great musician and pedagouge Bertl Mayer. Music took on a new dimension for me. The fascinating sounds coming from his harmonica showed me how lively, versatile, how complex and yet so light, how true, authentic music can be.

In this world I have finally found my musical „home“…

Federica Ferrari

Federica Ferrari – Gesang
Bertl Mayer – Mundharmonika
Robert Friedl – Saxophon
Fagner Wesley – Klavier
Marco Antonio Da Costa – Gitarre
Stefan Thaler – Bass
Joris Dudli – Schlagzeug

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